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Concern Worldwide has been working with Semantica since 2011...Semantica gives Concern a defined and credible means by which to measure the ever shifting perceptions of our brand. Ultimately, we use this information to identify tactics to improve positive engagement rates with Concern

Ruth Rowan: Head of Major Donations, Concern Worldwide

Semantica Research was selected via a call for tender to run a social media study for the EESC. The cooperation was good and we were pleased with the results that were delivered according to set deadlines

Païvi Seppänen: Head of Online Information Unit, European Economic and Social Committee

The digitisation of business and communications means that businesses are finding it more challenging than ever to remain consistently successful. This is why Semantica is here, empowering businesses and professionals to succeed in a digitally disrupted world

Dr. Lawrence Ampofo: Managing Director Semantica Research

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