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Semantica Research has over ten years’ experience in helping organisations leverage the big data landscape to extract insights from ever-expanding data sources. We help clients to enhance their communications performance, no matter what industry they operate in.

Semantica Research creates enterprise-wide analytics roadmaps that scale with the business and evolving technologies. We achieve this with the least amount of disruption and help to reduce costs over time.

With our experience, we are aware of the challenges involved in implementing large scale and complex digital solutions and the resources, internal skills and realistic timescales needed to achieve the best results.

Media Intelligence

Every day, billions of social media conversations and news articles are created that impact your organisation. Social and media data can yield critical insights that lead to better-informed business decisions. Semantica Research’s in-depth expertise in data science to monitor and analyse the entire media ecology including online, social media, print, television and radio, helps companies use media signals and data to drive better business decisions.

Marketing Analytics

Semantica Research performs high-level region and industry risk analysis reporting covering political, security, technological and governance risk factors. Our Situation Reports assess strategic political and cyber threats for companies operating or considering operating in complex environments. The reports include a strategic outlook, political and commercial analysis and digital analysis.

Social Media Measurement

Google Plus? Instagram? Twitter? Semantica Research’s analysts capture and analyse the billions of conversations and interactions occurring daily on social media to give you in-depth insight on your audience.

Data Audits

As analytics are used increasingly within the organisation, Semantica Research’s analysts provide a comprehensive and disciplined audit of your analytics capabilities and ways you can improve.

Reporting & Analysis

Semantica Research’s experts and analysts help close the gap between your audience’s goals and your communications objectives. Rely on our technical expertise and business savvy to help you interpret your data and confidently take action.