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Big Thinkers Podcast #11 Dr. Philipp Rode: What’s ‘Smart’ About Smart Cities?

By 2nd February 2016Smart Cities

What is a Smart City? What does it take to make a city ‘smart’? We are fascinated by stories of smart cities and ways digital technologies can permeate the fabric of cities to create fascinating solutions to some of the world’s most enduring issues.

In this episode I talk with Dr. Philipp Rode, Executive Director of the LSE Cities programme about the work carried out by the centre to understand how technology and cities can, together, bring about lasting benefit to city dwellers and the world more generally.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How cities can define their ‘smartness’
  • How smart cities can help countries’ reach their development goals
  • The potential problems of big data, privacy and algorithmic regulation
  • How smart cities can shift global power centres

Resources mentioned in the show:

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