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Big Thinkers Podcast #8 Antonio Deruda: Digital Diplomacy

By 1st February 2016International Affairs

How can governments and States use social media and other digital technologies to achieve their strategic objectives? Do the digital technologies we use every day constitute a new arena of political power? How can we harness that power to serve our overall aims?

In this episode, I speak with Antonio Deruda about Digital Diplomacy and he outlines how governments and civil society organisations can use social media and other digital technologies to attain power and influence in the geopolitical arena.

Antonio is a communications consultant, trainer and speaker who works with international organisations and governments to develop their online strategies. He is the author of the book The Digital Diplomacy Handbook which is the “first practical guide on how to use social media to engage with global audiences.”

What you will learn from this episode:

  • What Digital Diplomacy is
  • What countries are using social media and digital diplomacy most successfully
  • What states have to do to improve their digital diplomacy ability

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