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Big Thinkers Podcast #9 Martin Charlier: Design & the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has been the subject of intense media and industry discussion over the past two years. It is freely described as one of the technologies poised to dramatically change the business, political and sociallandscape. A swathe of Internet-connected devices are being introduced to the market as companies large and small attempt to take advantage of the potential financial windfall that this new landscape provides. However, a closer look at the attitudes of business leaders to corporate deployment of the IoT reveals that they are either afraid or unsure as to how this technology can be used to improve the health of their personal and professional lives.

In this episode of the Big Thinkers podcast, I talk with the industrial designer Martin Charlier about the importance of design to all areas of the Internet of things – not just to the product itself but also to other areas of society and the economy such as business models and consumer trust. This is a fascinating look into the ways that design principles in this new ecosystem can help organisations and individuals to get the most out of the Internet of Things.

What you will learn from this episode

  • Why integrative thinking is so important when thinking about the IoT
  • Which companies are performing the best in the Internet of Things ecosystem
  • How London is integrating the IoT
  • How businesses can best integrate the IoT into their operations

Resources mentioned in the show:

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