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Data Audits

Semantica Research conducts high-level region and industry risk analysis reporting covering political, security, technological and governance risk factors. We prepare Situation Reports that assess strategic political and digital threats for companies operating or considering operating in volatile environments. Our reports include a strategic outlook, and political, business and digital analyses.

Semantica helps businesses monitor what is being said about the company and brand in billions of online and social media conversations. Our powerful technology solutions enable you to compare your news coverage with your competitors, measuring the proportion of positive news coverage verses negative content.

Using our deep sector knowledge and comprehensive risk data and tools, Semantica Research can help you:

  • ┬áDetermine your level of preparedness.
  • Examine the quality and adequacy of your existing controls and risk-mitigation plans.
  • Weigh opportunities and threats and develop associated risk mitigation steps through scenario planning.
  • Embed risk considerations into your strategic decision-making process and ongoing operations.