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Entrepreneurship & International Relations: Building A Lasting Business

Getting the right job in the Politics and International Relations industry is a challenging prospect. Far more demanding is starting a successful business in the International Relations industry. Students and young professionals are unprepared for life in the jobs market and the entrepreneurial landscape however, starting a business in international affairs can be immensely rewarding.

Creating a successful and lasting business in International Relations and making an impact requires a certain skill set and mindset that only comes with experience.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why a 4 year degree on its own will not set you up for success in the competitive business landscape
  • What it really takes to build a business and a brand that lasts
  • How you can develop the entrepreneurial skills unique to the International Relations industry

Thursday 28th April

10am EST, 3pm GMT

Duration: 1 Hour

Lawrence Ampofo is a strategist on digital transformation and international security. His work helps companies and professionals optimise their operations in today’s hyper-connected business and political environment. Dr. Ampofo is also a political scientist, strategic communications consultant, author, teacher and speaker.