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Social Media for Behaviour Change Webinar

Discover 5 Steps to Shaping Attitudes & Behaviours with Social Media

Thursday 16th March, 10am EST 10.30am GMT

The importance of social media in today’s international political and business landscape is beyond discussion. Civil society organisations use digital technologies in increasingly sophisticated ways to support their operations and advance their strategic objectives. Ignorance of the constantly changing dynamic of the digital landscape is no longer an option.

This webinar enables participants to understand and develop digital skills that help them deploy social media for the influence of attitudes and behaviours in a wide range of contexts from humanitarian disasters to countering online extremism.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

1.  How modern social media influence human attitudes and behaviours

2. How non-Anglo-American social media is used to influence behaviour

3. Actionable steps you can take to effectively influence individuals and groups on social media

Tuesday 12th April

10am EST

3pm GMT

Duration 1 hour

About the host, Dr. Lawrence Ampofo

Dr. Lawrence Ampofo is a strategist on digital communications and International Affairs. As a consultant, author, teacher and speaker who focuses on the impact of digital technologies on the geopolitical system and global business, Dr. Ampofo has worked with some of the most influential organisations in world to improve their digital communications. In addition, Dr. Ampofo works extensively on the mindful applications of digital technologies and workflows in the workplace. His work helps companies and professionals enhance the quality of their relationships with digital devices and digital environments in ways that inspire companies and people to an improved behavioural and moral consciousness.