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Strategic Communication

The Business of International Relations: Public Affairs & Strategic Communications


Getting Ahead in the Business of Global Influence

Public Affairs & Strategic Communications are key elements of any political communications strategy, helping governments, institutions, individuals and civil society to understand and influence public opinion. This practical online course will show you, and your team, the workplace skills necessary for a successful career in public affairs and strategic communication, the key entrepreneurial skills to start your own company, how to forge an academic career in strategic communications, and most importantly, how does a person specifically obtain and successfully progress in institutions such as the United Nations, World Bank, and more.

What You’ll Learn – And How You Can Apply It

By the end of this live, online course, you will understand:

  • The key workplace competencies required for a successful career in public affairs and strategic communication, in addition to a university degree
  • The routes to starting your own public affairs and strategic communications businesses
  • The best routes and benefits of crafting an academic career in strategic communciations and public affairs

What You Will Be Able to Do:

  • Craft a clear plan for a successful career in public affairs and strategic communications
  • Develop the critical workplace skills and mindset for eventual career success
  • Network with likeminded people to help support your business and career ideas
  • Employ strategies for rapid and impactful career development

This Course Is For You Because…

  • You’re an undergraduate, or postgraduate student who wants to develop your career in this competitive field
  • You’re a young professional who is seeking a career change or concrete strategies for career success
  • You have a business idea but need guidance on how best to establish and grow in the international affairs industry



Institutional and Group Tickets

If you’re working as a team, everyone will be on the same page and understand your immediate and long-term strategies for business and career success. Exploring new ideas and collaborating on exercises together is an excellent group experience. Everyone on the team and within the institution will have the opportunity to ask questions, learn from other participants and access the conference materials.