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Innovations in Digital Research Methods

By 1st February 2016Social Media

Sage Publications has just released “Innovations In Digital Research Methods”, a new book showcasing the latest in digital research methods, featuring a chapter by our very own, Lawrence Ampofo.

Lawrence’s chapter “Text Mining and Social Media: When Quantitative Meets Qualitative and Software Meets People” is a comprehensive analysis of the use of text mining and social media. It’s particularly handy for those professionals who need to better understand how this technique can be used to make robust analyses of social media data in political and business contexts.

In the chapter, Lawrence, Simon Collister, Professor Ben O’Loughlin and Professor Andrew Chadwick document the most important tools used for text mining and present original research of corporate and political behaviour and outline the potential for text mining to reliably provide actionable insight to complex political and business issues.

In the rest of the book, edited by Professor Peter Halfpenny and Professor Rob Procter, data experts share their insights and research on a range of other advances in the field featuring contributing chapters such as “Advances in Data Management for Social Survey Research”, “Social Network Analysis” and “Visualizing Spatial and Social Media”.

This book is not intended for a lay audience however, if you are seeking to gain a firm grounding in digital data analysis then it is certainly worth reading.

The book makes a great companion to SR’s Data for International Affairs course launching in November. The course is aimed at people of all experience levels. As it has been developed by top academic and industry professionals, will leave participants with concrete skills and knowledge they can take away and use immediately.

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