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Marketing Analytics

We use data mining, predictive modelling and machine learning techniques to better target customers and make communications and marketing more impactful.

Understanding your customer behaviour has never been easier, and is essential for business success. We use a host of predictive modelling techniques to identify patterns and trends across data sources. Merging various data sources to get an inclusive view of customer interactions and preferences.

The insight from our analysts allow you to create an integrated strategy where customer are given the best experience of your brand at the right time.

Attribution Modelling

Semantica Research understands which digital media channels are performing best and having the greatest impact on your communications strategies. Depending on your industry, service and product, a customer’s decision might be a relatively fast conversion funnel, or it may be complex with many more touch points to take into account. PPC, organic search, social media, advertising and television all make a contribution here.

Semantica Research can give you an accurate picture of channel impact giving you the insight to control where you allocate your budget and optimise performance.


Econometrics Modelling

Our econometrics modelling examines the impact of offline media channels such as television, radio and display. We can measure how successful campaigns have been and forecast future performance to set optimal spend levels.

We can combine the insights from econometric and attribution modelling to give you valuable insights to inform your entire communications strategy and ROI across channels