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Media Intelligence

Information is key to enhancing your business. Our advisory solutions are backed by world-class media intelligence

Semantica Research works with organisations that are using, or plan to use, social signals, digital data and media data for performance management and to drive business decisions. We take social and traditional media data from across the entire organisation and the wider web to help minimise risk and improve overall business performance.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media is an essential part of modern day business. Are you aware of the billions of conversations that impact your business? Are you following the conversations on LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, Google+, Twitter, WeChat and VKontakte about your business? There is power in monitoring what the public and other stakeholders are saying through social media platforms. You can monitor how the public feels about your brand, determine the impact of your marketing and communications campaigns, identify key influencers, opinion leaders and developing trends.

Semantica Research social media monitoring solutions include hundreds of millions of social media sources and billions of conversations in over 70 different languages, which help to support business and communications goals. Contact us to find out how our social media monitoring solutions can help you.

Media Monitoring

In spite of the popularity of social media, monitoring print, online, blogs, periodicals, magazines, television and radio is critical for successful business and communications strategy. Semantica Research’s media monitoring solutions monitor hundreds of millions of media articles, posts, and programmes created daily and separate the most relevant from the noise to drive better business decisions. We monitor a range of media including open digital material and materials that require registration, digital newspapers and magazines (e-editions) and paywall-protected newspapers, including daily and weekly newspapers, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly magazines, weekend periodicals, and various other online media.

Media Analysis

With our media intelligence and analysis solutions, Semantica Research helps you identify business-critical issues and how the intensity of that coverage changes over time. We highlight share of voice, sentiment trends, new buzzwords, discussion coverage, positive and negative expressions related to certain topics and much more that supports your business and communications goals.

Semantica Research quickly uncovers the media ecology in which the media talks the most about the issues most important to your business and communications goals. Now, you can quickly keep track of the impact of your communications campaigns and news coverage; discover trends and obtain insights into how your company, brand products and messages are perceived by the media and your key stakeholders.