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Political Insight

Benchmarking the digital performance of the world's most influential political brands

SR’s Political Insight benchmarks the digital performance of political brands around the world. It includes sector-specific research to help brands understand how digital impacts their industry, and comprehensive in-depth data into a brand’s performance relative to competitors. Political Insight uncovers brand-specific strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to improve the impact of digital on your business.

Political Insight

SR Political Insight focuses on three questions:

  • How does your digital performance rank relative to industry peers and competitors?
  • How can you improve your digital performance and ensure your efforts will deliver impact to your business?
  • How does your performance progress over time?
    • Performance Benchmarking: Measure thousands of datapoints to gain insight on the digital performance of global politicians
    • Monitor the improvements or decrease in digital performance
    • Omnichannel Reporting: gain access to performance insights across numerous digital channels
    • Analytics dashboard displaying the digital performance of global politicians
    • Video report summarising findings
    • Monthly PDF Report summarising insights from data
    • Weekly newsletter highlighting key developments
    • Access to live conference calls discussing monthly findings