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Semantica Research Professional Training

The Business of International Affairs Workshop

International Affairs is one of the most competitive and complex industries in the world yet many graduates and young professionals are not equipped with the skills and mindset required by employers to succeed.

This one day workshop will enable you to understand and develop the core skills and mindset necessary to succeed in International Affairs. It will connect you with a professional network of businesses, international organisations and experts waiting intelligent, and business-ready young professionals

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Social Media for Influence Workshop: London

Social media is one of the most critical tools for modern day statecraft and engagement with foreign publics. Understanding how social media is used to influence the attitudes and behaviours of people by is critically important for International Affairs professionals.

This one day workshop will enable participants to understand and develop the core skills necessary to use social media to influence individuals and communities on a range of global digital platforms. This workshop is vital for industry professionals and students using social media to influence global attitudes and behaviours.

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Strategic Communications Leadership Programme

Crafting a road map to a successful career in Strategic Communications involves a thorough understanding of the digital trends and the cutting-edge techniques used for Strategic Communications. That’s where the Strategic Communications Leadership programme comes in. Structured as an immersive, and intensive experience, you will learn the fundamentals of a strong strategic communications strategy, and how to implement them effectively to change behaviour, influence opinions, increase traffic and enhance the reputation of your organisation.

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The Business of International Affairs Summer Programme

Get a competitive edge with our business summer school for International Relations.

Semantica Research has collaborated with world-class industry and academic experts to develop an intensive programme that gives  students and young professionals a business edge in today’s hyper-connected, ultra-competitive marketplace. This programme combines rigorous education with immersion in business, finance, marketing and innovation; the very skills employers seek.

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