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Social Media for Influence

Digital Skills for the 21st Century Global Economy

The importance of social media in today’s international political and business landscape is beyond discussion. Civil society organisations use digital technologies in increasingly sophisticated ways to support their operations and advance their strategic objectives. Ignorance of the constantly changing dynamic of the digital landscape is no longer an option.

This workshop enables participants to understand and develop digital skills that help them deploy social media for the influence of attitudes and behaviours in a wide range of contexts from humanitarian disasters to countering online extremism.

What You Will Learn:

  • Strategic use of social media to engage with foreign publics
  • How to strategically analyse and engage with key social media ecosystems in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America  South America and Oceania
  • How social media is used for behavioural change and influence
  • How to create a strategic Social Media communications plan
  • How to create digital strategic narratives
  • The psychology of social media and online communities
  • How to effectively monitor, and measure different social media data

Who Is This Workshop For?

  • Graduates: seeking to secure entry into a competitive and fast-changing industry
  • Digital Heads, and Project Managers: Increased your confidence and develop a more specialised and rounded understanding of the role of digital in International Affairs
  • Directors: Professionals seeking to enhance the digital skill level of their teams
  • Individuals: People with a professional or personal interest in the use of social media for International Affairs. This course is ideal for those who aim to develop a fundamental understanding or more strategic view of the role of social media in International Affairs
  • Organisations and Teams: This course is ideal for teams focused on international issues. Contact us for a bespoke course at your workplace

Benefits of This Workshop

  1. Professional development: enhance your professional confidence and credibility by focusing on your training and development
  2. Learn the fundamentals of social media specifically for the challenges faced International Affairs professionals
  3. Learn the fundamentals of digital engagement with foreign publics using the most popular social media platforms from different regions of the world, not just Twitter & Facebook
  4. Learn the most up-to-date tactical and strategic applications of digital in the international sphere from current academic and industry professionals
  5. Join our live lessons wherever you are in the world, delivered by passionate digital and International Affairs trainers
  6. Learn live or at your own pace with access to the lessons on-demand
  7. You will not need any prior knowledge or experience to get the most from this course. It is suitable for all experience levels. If, however, you have good knowledge of International Affairs in any sphere and are looking for hands-on skills, our Advanced Social Media for Strategic Communications course might be more suitable for you.

Main Presenter: Dr. Lawrence Ampofo

Dr. Lawrence Ampofo is the founder and Managing Director of Semantica Research, an independent communications consultancy specialising in digital business strategy, International Affairs, and Strategic Communications. Dr. Ampofo has over ten years of experience in International Affairs with strong backgrounds in digital, business, academia and institutional affairs.

Venue: Senate House, Malet Street, London

Contact +44 207 193 6104