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SR Big Thinkers Podcast #4 Moeen Khawaja: Making the IoT Searchable

By 2nd February 2016Internet of Things

One of the keys of gaining value from the Internet of Things is to find a secure and profitable way to share meaningful data with one another. This is exactly the kind of hard problem that Moeen Khawaja is thinking about.

As the Chief Operating Officer for IoT business Thingful, Moeen knows more than a thing or two about creating business value in new technological ecosystems.

In this episode, Khawaja explains just how important it is that businesses and organisations adopt networked thinking and embrace the new world where data is strategically released from silos and shared with the world to help them create even more value.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why Open Data is unlikely to happen
  • The value in making data discoverable
  • How manufacturers can create increased value by sharing their data with 3rd parties
  • The threat of self-aware machines

Moeen Khawaja is the Chief Operating Officer of Thingful, an Internet of Things-related company which is focused on making data discoverable.

Resources mentioned in the show:

Thingful: A Search Engine for the Internet of Things

Moeen Khawaja on Twitter

Cambridge County Council

Google Nest

IBM Research

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