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SR Big Thinkers Podcast #5: Grimur Fjelsted: The Social IoT

The Social Internet of Things; the very words conjure up exciting thoughts of social networks for cars and the possibilities that exist for linking up our machines with connected people.

In a world where companies view digitalisation as crucial to their operations, the power of Networked Thinking is essential to any policymaker or business professional. In this episode, I have the privilege of speaking with one of the principle thinkers on this topic, Grimur Fjelsted from ECCO. Here, we speak about the importance of platform thinking, and how companies simply cannot afford to miss out on the coming wave of innovation and value creation sparked by the social internet of things.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why platform thinking and network thinking is essential for companies to stay relevant and successful
  • Why the social Internet of Things will be the most important element to happen to the IoT
  • How Denmark is utilising the Social IoT

Resources mentioned in the show:

Grimur Fjelsted on LinkedIn


Denmark Ambulance Service

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