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The map to success in Strategic Communications starts with digital mastery

Success in strategic communications increasingly relies on a deep understanding and application of the ways new digital technologies  enhance diplomatic performance in areas such as international negotiation, assisting citizens in foreign countries, development aid, humanitarian crises, public diplomacy and more by innovating the way these activities are conducted.

Structured as an immersive, practical experience, each day of this intensive 12-day programme blends classroom instruction, real-world case studies, and close collaboration delivered by expert coaches from a range of professional backgrounds. The Strategic Communications Leadership programme covers a broad spectrum of new tools and techniques used in modern day Strategic Communications, such as strategic planning, analytics and intelligence, new social media tools in International Affairs, amongst other topics.

This intensive programme allows students, and industry professionals to develop the digital skills that are more suited to the hyper-connected international environment.


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Instructors & Coaches

The Strategic Communications Leadership programme brings together a truly diverse set of world-class expertise. Our coaches include scholars and industry professionals in the fields of information technology, public diplomacy, digital marketing and more.

Who Should Attend?

The Strategic Communications Leadership programme is designed for students and professionals in foreign affairs and defence ministries, non-governmental and multinational organisations, private-sector companies, journalists and others working in this vital field.

On this intensive course, you will learn how to design and implement a strong strategic communications strategy to influence the attitudes and behaviours of global communities, analyse and maximise the impact of digital activities, how to communicate effectively in a crisis and how to use social media for intelligence. Through hands-on activities, you will have the opportunity to master the concepts and techniques behind successful strategic communications strategy and make real progress in marketing your skills as you progress through the programme. Mastering Strategic Communications will help you grow your business, your skill set and your career. The techniques you learn in this intensive programme can be applied immediately.

Part of this programme is devoted to professional development. It is designed to help you identify your passions and strengths, define your career vision, and develop you own unique path to make that vision a reality and allow you to obtain an impactful job you will love.

In 12 days, the Strategic Communications Leadership programme will help you develop the following business essentials:

  • Best practice and up-to-the-minute insight so your development will be at the cutting edge
  • Lifetime access to online training
  • Build self-awareness and confidence
  • Work collaboratively and effectively to tackle real-world projects
  • Build a strong core of digital competencies
  • Apply everything you have learned to a challenging final project


Early Bird: GBP 1999.00

General Admission: GBP 2450.00

Late Purchase: GBP 2999.00